the end is ((kinda)) here

well, this semester is looking like it’s one of those that i didn’t really ever see things ending up like this…i feel like i get that a lot. blind sighted by things that didn’t seem like a big deal…then all of a sudden WHAM! i’m knocked back and feeling worse off than before.  Read the rest of this entry



Not to worry! 

I am awake and alive….things are just insane. 

I don’t even know where to begin….which is the case 99.9% of the time. 

Senior year is in full swing and I don’t even know what’s going to happen with life. But I guess that’s the excitement of it all!???!?! 

We will see about that I suppose (:

I”m trying to decide on a lot of things.

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6/5/12 I’ve written that so much today.

Apparently today at training for work, I was able to learn about myself, not just the crap ton of policy and procedure to go over. so many things to sign. as in signatures.
it was quite productive, really. Not gonna lie. Those chairs are NOT made for sitting on for 7 hours straight. ughhhh
Still have a headache. Which, I really hope goes away soon. Because it’s lame to go to bed at not even 6.  
The other thing that I really like a lot, are the people that I’ve been able to meet through my different jobs. Having so many, I’ve been able to really meet some interesting individuals. I mean that in a non-insulting way. I swear.  Read the rest of this entry

and i want to dye it black.

So I used to take pride in being able to say that I’ve never actually dyed my hair…yes, they’re natural hues. Nope, never dyed my hair.  Yes, I’m in college and never have. Never saw a need.
Well, this past year I decided that my hair needed a change. I didn’t want to cut it, so I thought going a shade either side of what most of my hair was would be a good plan. Had a friend help me, and it turned out great. Did it again Read the rest of this entry

Holy June!

Well guys, it’s June. 

Time sure does fly!

i’m really excited about this month. I’ll be working with kids every single day (of the work week) and still waitressing and a few occasional times at my other job. so everything Read the rest of this entry

post i forgot to post

newspaper cleaning.

honestly, it’s the best thing you can use to clean your windows. apparently, there’s a home made mix for cleaner you can use and i’m excited about whipping some up and trying it out to be super old school (:
also might have a job cleaning a couple of friends houses in the area…so if you’re needing some cleaning done, let me know and i’m thinking i’d be able to help you out!

can’t wait to run the 5k on saturday! picking up the packet tomorrow andi’m really excited about it. also. 
going out to lunch with a friend of mine tomorrow…it’s once of those times when you know you’ll walk away with some valuable information peppered with good laughs, too. (:

Good-bye High Fives

this weekend was legit. 


so much so, i could end this post after that first sentence and that sums it up pretty well (:
but what’s the fun in that?

so i guess long story short it was a blast. totally had a great time chilling, swimming, movie watching, cat sitting, grocery shopping, yard games, cookout, homemade icecream & cake, ANW with tons of smiles and laughs thrown in as well. I really don’t know how things could be any better. but i’m not complaining. that’s for sure (: Read the rest of this entry

I Smile

I’m thinking today is going to be a good day.
Why you ask?
Well, probably because even though I did t get to sleep when I wanted, did t wake up when I wanted–there’s way more to be happy about and to choose joy over instead. For instance, Read the rest of this entry

It’ll Always Be Summer In My Heart & Soul

It seems like yesterday I was starting to blog about life and the things that were often–and continually–running through my head. Even today, the premise hasn’t really changed with all of that. But boy, have things changed. (:

Let’s catch you up to speed, shall we? OK great! 
I’m living in good ‘ol Northern Indiana for the summer–workingworkingworkingworking
But not to fear! It’s going great! There’s only been one *knock on wood* triple booking between the jobs, and I’m pretty confident that it won’t happen again. Let’s hope so, anyways.

Whaaat else…oh,yes. Since all of my friends are either: getting married, pregnant, having kids, I am able to reap the benefits of these life stages. Working at a kids clothing store, I am able to get AHHH-mazing deals for all my little kiddos (: Spoiling them till I can spoil my own. hehe. 

I digress. Greatly. 
Here’s the thing.
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sunday nap

sometimes, things really just come out of nowhere and surprise you. 

sometimes those are good things. 

other times they are bad.

some make you happy.

some make you sad. 


ok. done with the dr seuss thing. (:

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